What is Fabricación Maquinaria Alimentación?

Fabricación Maquinaria Alimentación, is a Spanish company leader on design, production and assembly of machinery for the agricultural and food industry.

What do we do?

We advice, innovate, investigate and develop the most complete range of industrial plants for fruit and vegetables processing and foods production.

Who do we work for?

Through our large career and experience on the food industry , we have collaborated with the most prestigious canning firms on their growth and development, helping them to succeed in obtaining greater profitability and better quality in their productions.
Our processing lines are present at America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

How do we manage?

We have a great team of professionals such as engineers, designers, skilled labour and advisers. We also have the collaboration of University institutions and technology centres of metal and canning.

At Fabricación Maquinaria Alimentación we offer all the services that the canning industry requires: advicement, planning plants design. Projects ready for immediate occupancy/use.


Ctra. Madrid   Km. 381 – Apdo. 385
Telefono: 968 389607  Fax: 968 616490
30500 Molina de Segura – MURCIA (Spain)