Orange-Tangerine Line

Fabricación Maquinaria Alimentación, manufactures complete lines for the production of groups of orange satsuma and satsuma orange vesicles.


Machinery common to other productions:
Box depalletizers, big-box depalletizers, dispensing tapes, calipers, fresh fruit, multiple tapes.

Specific machinery

Silo feed, scaler, pre-peeler, peeler, inspection tape, elevator and set-up, double calibrator, acid and soda tower elevators, water jets, water filters for soda and acid, acid and soda rafts, calibrator Of dubs, vibrators, eliminators of votes, tapes of selection-inspection of segments, filler-weighers of boat.

Machinery common to other productions

Tapes collection from cans to sealing machines, weight control line dosing machines, sealing machines.


In the process of obtaining the group of satsuma orange we obtain a percentage of broken or deteriorated segments and others that by their caliber does not interest its commercialization as a dude; These will form the basic raw material to obtain in a simple way the orange vesicle. Product currently used as an addition of other products such as yogurts, juices, desserts, etc …